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EazyCut is the perfect solution for the pruning and harvesting of flowers, plants and herbs. Thanks to its high quality, self-sharpening knives EazyCut enables a perfect cutting result without damaging the plants. Key advantage of our machines is the combination of competitive prices and high efficiency.
  • Perfect cutting result, year after year (self sharpening knife).
  • Powerful engine with integrated ventilator.
  • Large collection bag, 100% collection of cuttings.
  • Light weight, flexible usage, maintenance free.


HortiHands offers innovative mechanization solutions for the HortiCultural Industry. For the Benelux we have our own sales & service organization. In export we work with local partners where available. In all other cases we can help you directly.

  • Trimming Systems – We offer a full portfolio of trimmings systems, for pot plants, trays and for in the field. What makes us unique is the fact that most of our models have an integrated system for collection of the cuttings!
  • Form Trimming Systems – Our form trimming solutions range from low cost, flexible field trimmers up to high capacity system integrated solutions, with capacity of over 4.000 pots/hour.
  • Binding, Stick Placing & Labeling – Cutting edge technology solutions, stand alone or system integrated. We pride ourselves with our new stick placer of bamboo sticks for up to 90 cm!
  • Propagation & Logistics – Solutions for plant propagation and for (greenhouse) logistics. Our focus lies on low cost systems which offer you a short payback time.


VegHands offers harvesting, trimming, weighing & grading and labelling solutions, including the required logistics, for salads, broccoli, cabbage, herbs, leeks & other produce. Our aim is to provide the best solutions available on the market place.
  • Planting & harvesting systems
  • Pack-house solutions for iceberg lettuce and others
  • Field integrated solutions for iceberg lettuce
  • Handling & packing solutions for broccoli and others
  • Cleaning, grading & packing systems for cabbage
  • Binding & handling of herbs, leeks, asparagus and others
  • Cooling Solutions

FlowerHands is the portal for our (mainly Dutch based suppliers of) flower processing systems. Together with our suppliers, and where available our local dealers, we offer general information, tailored advise, adequate shipment and installatio, after sales service, and generally solutions that fit your needs.
  • Flower Bindingsystems
  • Flower Label Binding
  • Flower Processing Lines
  • Flower Processing solutions
  • Harvesting & Logistics
  • Flower Grading
  • Cooling Solutions
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